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Story 1 Species new to science amaze CReef scientists
Hundreds of new kinds of animals have surprised international researchers who have been systematically exploring waters ... [ read more ]
Story 2 Climate zones shift south as Australia's northern oceans warm
Since the 1950s, average sea surface temperatures in northeast and northwest tropical Australian waters have increased steadily, causing a 200km shift southwards of climate zones along the northeast coast and an expansion in the area that can be designated "the tropics". [ read more ]
Story 3 Harnessing good bacteria to move rock lobster aquaculture forward
Preventing bacterial disease in farmed rock lobsters will remove a large barrier to commercial production. Work by AIMS microbial ecologist Dr Lone Høj and her colleagues has shown for the first time how the wild larvae of this elusive creature may be resisting ... [ read more ]
Story 4 GBR protected from Crown-of-thorns attacks by no-take zones
Reefs where fishing is not allowed are much less prone to infestation by the devastating crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS), according to a new analysis of AIMS’ long-term surveys of the Great Barrier Reef.  [ read more ].
Story 5 Sea sponges and their microbes hit the wall at 33 degrees
Sea sponges, which host a complex community of microbes in a mutually-beneficial relationship, are at risk from higher sea surface temperatures because the symbiotic relationship between the sponge and its microbes breaks down at 33 degrees Celsius. [ read more ]
Story 6 Warmer seas likely to promote coral disease
Rising sea surface temperatures are setting the scene for increases in virulent coral diseases that are already wreaking havoc on reefs around the world.  [ read more ]
Story 7 Tracking a whale shark tag into a West Timor village
Sometimes tracking marine creatures can take some unexpected twists and turns as AIMS scientist Dr Mark Meekan and PhD student Conrad Speed from Charles Darwin University CDU) found out.  [ read more ]
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Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Climate Change Minister Senator Penny Wong were given a briefing on the state of the Great Barrier Reef and a glimpse at the new Reef Atlas when they visited north Queensland in July. [ read more ]

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